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Hello again everyone,

This is further to my email from Friday. Many of you emailed back to express how great it was to hear this news, and as expected a few questions were also raised. 

In response to the most common question we received - we are able to confirm that this new initiative is meant to apply to D.U.I.'s. -  assuming it is the one & only conviction on his or her record. 

There were also a couple of questions that we don't have the answers for at this time 1) Will the Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) be good for just that one entry to Canada, or rather is it good for a period of time and 2) What is the exact process for obtaining the TRP

The information we have has been derived from a conference call only. It is certainly fantastic news for our industry and everything heard during the call was positive. However, we are awaiting more detailed written information regarding this new policy, which we anticipate receiving later this week. We are hopeful this will provide further clarification. 

Lastly, full details regarding this Special Public Policy will be available on the Canadian Citizenship and Immigration website effective March 01.

As further details become available, we will be sure to pass them on. 

Regards, Mike 

Mike Loewen 
Patricia Regional Tourist Council
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