Mileages to KayAir
Minneapolis 510
Chicago 874
Des Moines 787
Kansas City 992
Winnipeg 243
Thunder Bay 297
International Falls 180
Green Bay 665

For reservations contact:
Peter and Karen Kay
P.O. Box 284
Ear Falls, ON Canada P0V 1T0
Ph: 807-222-2434
Fax: 807-222-2322

Important News on the Border Crossing!!
There's some positive changes in the works. One time offenders of any misdemeanour including DUI, bar fights, assault, bad checks, etc. and who did not serve more than 6 months in jail will now be automatically allowed into Canada and not turned back with NO FEES required and they have also made the rehabilitation process much simpler, quicker and easy to fill out now too. As soon as more information comes available we will post it.
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